Daryl Witmer wrote in his newsletter to me that there seems to be a switch in our society from a “prove it to me” mentality to a non-committal, “Whatever.” Think about it. I wonder how many times we just let things slide with a casual “whatever” when we should be taking serious action.

Many parents have taken the “whatever” approach to what their children are getting in school, especially relating to evolution.  The frequent result is that their children sink deep into the evolutionary mire which in turn can devastate or greatly weaken their faith. Having spoken on many university campuses, I see firsthand how evolutionary indoctrination is pushing kids over the edge of a cliff toward unbelief.

That is something NOT to say “whatever” to. That is a time to take action!

If you have attended one of AOI’s Discover Creation seminars or have been reading Think & Believe, I am sure you have been shown a reason to agree that the Creation/evolution issue is not just a “whatever” issue. It is a matter which has eternal significance!

If you see this as a foundational issue – would you help the ministry of AOI? Please don’t think “whatever” or that “someone else will do it.” You can help AOI’s ministry even today by prayer or financial partnership. Thanks!

Dave Nutting

If you would like to see if an AOI seminar is right for you, or you would like to help the work of Alpha Omega Institute, please visit our website events page or our donate page. Keep up to date with what AOI is doing. Thanks for your partnership.

Got something to say? Go for it!

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