Battling Tomatoes

I just finished getting our small garden planted. Because we travel so much, especially during the summer growing season, I plant only a small garden which I have set up to be watered with a drip system – 6 tomato plants (3 varieties), 1 yellow neck squash, 1 acorn squash, and some carrots and dill ( for making pickles).

As I planted the tomatoes, I thought about a recent article I read from Creation Moments about the defense mechanisms God gave plants to help protect themselves from attacking insects.

When a beetle begins to eat a tomato plant, the tomato goes into a defensive mode by producing chemicals in every leaf of the plant. The chemicals can either give the beetle indigestion or even kill it.

While the tomato is making chemicals to protect itself, it is also sending out a chemical warning signal (methyl jasmonate – commonly found in perfumes) to other tomato plants, which pick up the signal and begin to produce these protective chemicals as well.

Could evolutionary chance and accident come up with such a complicated system of defense? To come up with a defense mechanism as described above, the plant would not only have to be a chemical genius, but also be an expert on the biochemistry of the beetle.

Plants have amazing abilities which defy evolution …those abilities point to a Creator!

Lanny Johnson

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