A Flight, a Laptop, a Boy, and Thanks

On a recent trip, I boarded a plane from Grand Junction to Denver; my final destination was Belding, MI.   Usually I am seated by adults, but this time I had the privilege of sitting by a twelve year old boy from Canada.  He was a bright young lad and, would you know it, was interested in dinosaurs! As soon as it was ok to turn on laptops, I fired mine up and started teaching about dinosaurs.  He was thrilled, and so was I!  He had never heard of this information before. 

This is usually the case.  Even in churches, it seems many people either haven’t heard, heard very little, or have forgotten much about what they have been taught about creation.   As I travel about and teach, I realize the increasing need for creation evangelism.  On my Michigan creation tour, I taught at a church youth activity where most of the youth at this function were not attending church.  Again, most of the youth had not heard of the abundant scientific information for creation and the flood.  They were excited to know the Bible is true and Jesus Christ loves them and He died for them.

Rich Stepanek

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