Ducking the Tornadoes

Mary Jo & I are in Springfield, Missouri, right now conducting a week of creation training. To get here, we drove right through Joplin, Missouri, less than 2 hours before it was devastated by the huge tornado. A third of the city of Joplin was hit hard as you have seen on TV news reports. There are still 750 or more people missing with 122 reported fatalities. (Pray for those families!) Had we not gotten on the road much earlier than we anticipated on Sunday, we would have been in the midst of the tornado. We are grateful for missing that one!

Earlier that same day, we went right through the area in Oklahoma City that was hit with a tornado yesterday. Last night, the weather service is reporting a significant chance of tornadoes where we are staying just outside Springfield. YIKES! We are hoping the Lord allows us to duck those as well.

Where Mary Jo & I live in Grand Junction, Co, we are happy to report that they have not spotted a tornado for almost 100 years. So, right now, we are certainly enjoying the teaching time we have with this group, but there are pangs to be in our own hometown where we don’t have to sleep with one ear tuned for the tornado sirens!

Dave Nutting

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