A Note on the Midwest Creation Fellowship Seminar

It was great to see the interest in the topic of ‘Astronomy and the Glory of God’ at the monthly meeting of the Midwest Creation Fellowship.  I didn’t know what to expect, but was pleased to have a packed room of eager listeners to speak to. 

Many people came because they were curious about the topic of astronomy and the Bible.  Some in attendance believed that God had used the ‘Big Bang’ to create.  I thought I might have some opposition to the presentation, since I exposed some of the problems with the Big Bang, but no opposing views were voiced.

To my amazement, the believers in the Big Bang were excited!  They and others found the topic very enlightening, and learned some new information that they had never heard before.  I have discovered that many people, who believed in evolution and the Big Bang, have not heard the scientific problems with these ideas and the vast amount of evidence supporting creation and God’s Word.

Rich Stepanek

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