A Visit To The Chicago Field Museum

Visiting the Chicago Field Museum was an interesting experience.  It was a busy area with many school groups taking tours. Our very first exposure was to the exhibit entitled, “The Evolving Planet.” 

It was heartbreaking to hear the guides explaining to the children how the atmosphere was so toxic in the beginning that no life could possibly exist.   It made me realize again just what a battle we are in, and how sad it is.   These young innocent lives were being indoctrinated at such an early age, with lies that try to explain away our Creator.  As the guide further explained how toxic these gasses were, I couldn’t help but think of Genesis telling us what God thought about His creation, ”It was very good!”

Dog Variations

We did have an enjoyable time at the Chicago Field Museum.  Even though they promoted the evolutionary philosophy, they had some wonderful evidence for creation and the created kinds or families. 

In the exhibits of the World of Mammals, World of Birds, etc., they had great displays of the variety of God’s created kinds or families.  For example, they had the cat family, the dog family, owl family, etc.  I believe without realizing it, the museum demonstrated God’s creative power in the complexity and diversity of each kind. 

The variety of each kind came from God’s mandate to be fruitful, multiply, and fill the earth.  Natural selection would help each kind to adapt to different environments by eliminating genes which are not beneficial in certain environments.   Arctic foxes, in the dog family, adapted to the cool climates, while other dogs adapted to warmer climates.  Thus fulfilling God’s mandate to be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the earth. 

Tiktaalik Variation of a Lobe Fin Fish

While looking at the so called “missing links,” we observed variations of fish, amphibians, reptiles, monkeys, apes, humans, etc.  These so called links are really not missing links at all!  They are just variations of a kind or family that went extinct during or shortly after the flood.  With the understanding of the complexity and diversity of genetics, the limits of natural selection, and a Biblical world view, there wasn’t any evidence for evolution in the museum.  But there was a lot of speculation.

Richard Stepanek

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