Grand Canyon

Following some pretty iffy weather heading north from Scottsdale, we were very glad that the weather was just great for a hike in the Grand Canyon. Part of the group saw the sites on the canyon rim, while Mary Jo and I led 18 of the students for a 3 mile hike into the canyon. Although we only went a fifth of the way down into the canyon, it was just far enough for the students to get a little appreciation for the immensity of the canyon and the nature of some of the geologic layers.

However, it was not far enough for Mary Jo who had a hard time not heading down to the bottom once again, as we have previously done at least 12 times.  This time, there wasn’t time! Altogether, we have led multiple groups into various parts of the canyon somewhere between 25 and 30 times. 

The Grand Canyon has for a long time been presented as a showcase for geologic time and evolutionary history. We enjoy exposing people to a whole different view which is consistent with the Flood and makes a lot of sense to the students. For information see and go to the articles, Think & Believe, and click on the May/June 2010 issue.

For those of you who would like to take creationist instructors to guide you at the Canyon, let us know. However; at the very least, get the Grand Canyon Guidebook. We feel it is the very best guidebook to the canyon. Besides that – it is from a creationist perspective!  Also get Dr. Andrew Snelling’s DVD, Grand Canyon Testimony. It is the best instructional DVD giving a creationist interpretation of the canyon that we know about.

Dave Nutting

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