Sunset Crater and Volcanism


A very intriguing place we chose to take the students to was Sunset Crater National Monument. The landscape is an interesting blend of black and red volcanic cinders interspersed with green ponderosa pine trees, junipers, and pinyon pine.

The area is dotted with dozens of volcanic peaks, cinder cones, and lava sputter cones.  The most recent eruptions occurred around 1100 AD.  Since Native American Indian tribes lived in the area surrounding the eruptions, it really shows how rapidly an entire landscape can change — one day the home to many people, the next day a devastation zone.

The first verse that kept popping out to me is in Psalm 104, where it says that God touches the mountains and they smoke!

The second verse that came to mind is in Peter, where it says that a day with the Lord is like a thousand years, and a thousand years like a day. The passage in context refers to coming judgment. Yes, we certainly can see at Sunset Crater the truth of that verse.  It is a good reminder to be prepared for His coming!

Dave Nutting

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