Little and Big Blessings on the Road

It is always amazing to see the big and little blessings God brings while we are on the road.  We were blessed with gracious hosts, at our stop in Pecatonica, IL, who have an overflowing gift of hospitality.  They fed us like kings, and made us feel very much “at home.”  Even the use of their showers and laundry facilities were huge blessings while traveling.  Thanks, Paul and Rose, for serving us!

On the day after an evening seminar in IL, a grandmother shared with me about her grandson.  She said he had stayed up late into the night reading the new dinosaur book he purchased after the seminar.  Then she told me the best news.  “He also trusted Christ as Savior last night!  He said he didn’t want to go to that fiery place, so we (his grandparents) talked to him, and he was saved!”  Praise God for the work He is doing in people’s lives.

Richard Stepanek

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