Teaching and a Deer Fry

Seminars are going great here in Illinois.  We were very busy on our first stop in Mackinaw, IL, it included: a two night church seminar; a Saturday morning homeschool group; a Saturday evening deer fry; and teaching again three hours on Sunday morning.  We also had a special time of fellowship with several families in their homes for meals.  They were a great blessing to us.

The Deer Fry held at New Castle Bible Church, Mackinaw, IL, was a unique event.  I had the opportunity to give an in depth gospel presentation and my testimony to over 300 men and boys, some of which were not saved.  It was a great time to talk about the Lord and share some hunting stories.  I was even able to show a short video clip of one of our elk hunting adventures in western Colorado.

Rich Stepanek

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