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In February, 2011 I was invited to give my talk on The Hand of God to the Greater Houston Creation Association in Houston, Texas. After the seminar, I met a man who gave his name as Mark Cadwallader. That name sounded very familiar.  “You are not the Mark Cadwallader of Creation Moments are you?” I asked. He was and I was very pleased and excited to meet him.

Mark W. Cadwallader is Board Chairman of Creation Moments. So why was I excited to meet him? I receive Creation Moments on my e-mail daily. They are wonderful short vignettes from which I gain a wealth of information.

“Founded by the late Rev. Walter Lang in 1963 with a 100-year vision to re-convert our post-Christian culture, Creation Moments is the oldest existing creation-related ministry in the world and has a vast collection of information available regarding the scientific problems of evolution and the truth of Creation. Our Creation Moments vignettes – providing evidence for design versus random occurrence – are featured daily on more radio stations worldwide than any other program exposing the fallacies of evolutionism.” [ taken from Mark’s Open Letter To Christian Leaders ]

If you would like to receive Creation Moments via e-mail, go to the bottom of their home page  and sign up. Creation Moments is also available as podcasts. I think you will be blessed!

Lanny Johnson

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