Youth Rally and People “Getting It!”

Mary Jo & I spoke for a youth rally as a portion of our seminar series in Pinedale, Wyoming. Someone who really saw how important it was to get as many youth as possible to see the creation material donated a brand new IPAD as a prize for a drawing held during the rally.

That “bribe,” coupled with a pizza party and a pastor who also encouraged them to come, got a lot of youth out! We were also happy to see most all of them paying close attention to our creation programs.

Unfortunately, they didn’t let Mary Jo or I to put our names in for the drawing! So if anyone wants to donate a couple of IPADS we will make sure at least one of them gets to be a youth rally door prize.

It is always good to see people who  “get it.” These individuals understand what evolutionary indoctrination is doing to their youth’s faith and are willing to sacrifice to make sure they hear the truth. For all of those who “get it,” thank you for standing with us and the youth in this crucial issue.   

Dave Nutting

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