Junk DNA and Creationist Predictions

As much as 98% of the DNA molecule has been labeled “junk.” It was thought to have no function and thus, that mutations could accumulate there without being “weeded out” by natural selection. However, research is rapidly showing functionality for the so-called “junk DNA.” Even Francis Collins, long-term DNA researcher who just a few years ago thought that non-coding areas of DNA were non-functional, is now recognizing complex functions taking place in the areas previously called “junk DNA.”* All this is taking many evolutionists by surprise.

These findings do not surprise us, though. We never bought into the idea of “junk DNA” in the first place. Since we believe in a wise and powerful Creator, Who does “all things well,” we predicted that critical functions would be found for the so-called “junk.” And that is exactly what is happening.

Critics often claim that creationists can’t be good scientists because our model has no predictive power. Not so! Here you see an excellent example of the predictive power of the Biblical creation model. The Bible provides a historical outline for understanding the world in which we live. Science provides the “tools” to study the physical evidence and processes. Together, they make a powerful combination.

Based on our Biblical worldview of a good Creation, corrupted by the Fall, and devastated by the catastrophe of the Flood, we can make some general predictions about what we will find. Using the tools of observation and logic, we study the DNA molecule and its relationship with other molecules in the body. The fact that we find function throughout the DNA “fits” with our predictions based on a good creation. Any true mutations can be interpreted based upon corruption introduced by the Fall.

The more that we learn about our world, based on what we can see and do observe, the more we see that scientific observations “fit” with God’s Word. Science done in this way brings glory to God and good to His Creation.

Dave Nutting 

(*Ref: www.evolutionnews.org/2011/03/has_francis_collins_changed_hi044601.html)

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