Not In Our School!

Students hearing the truth at FCA

Several weeks ago, I was invited to speak to a group of Fellowship of Christian Athletes at a charter Middle/High school. Because FCA is considered a club, we were able to meet in the classroom of a Christian teacher before school started.

One of the student leaders had repeatedly requested admission for me to teach in the school, but her request was denied by the school administration. We have seen this happen a lot in the past. The excuse that is almost always given is evolution is science and Creation is religion; therefore, because of the so-called “separation of church and state,” we are not allowed to teach within the school.

I assure the administration that I will not speak of Creation at all – I will only giving evidence against evolution. Yet we are still denied. When asked why the denial, I was once told, “If you show what is wrong with evolution, and a student then asks you what do you believe in, then you are legally able to tell them, and we don’t want to go there.”

Teaching on the "Icons of Evolution"

Since I couldn’t get into the school, I shared with the 30 students and 2 teachers of FCA a talk on the Icons of Evolution. These icons (so called “proofs”) of evolution have been shown to be wrong many years ago … so why are they still being taught as truth in many textbooks today? Most of the students agreed that some of these “proofs” were in their books.

I had several thank us for opening their eyes to some of the falsehoods they are being taught. I pray the small seed of truth we were allowed to teach will make them more aware of the many other false teachings of evolution.

Lanny Johnson

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