Polar Bears and Dogs Playing!

I just saw a short video on the Mercoloa.com website showing adult polar bears playing with sled dogs. They were quite friendly with each other. The bears actually gave the dogs “bear hugs.”  Both the dogs and the bears are carnivores and could be quite vicious. It made me think of what the original creation was like with all the animals getting along with each other — perhaps playing like these were. Likely, Adam & Eve were also thoroughly enjoying them. Unfortunately, then came the Fall and now it is a surprise to see big carnivores like bears gleefully playing with other animals. What a Fall – what a shame!

Don’t you just long for the time when the lion and the wolf will lie down together once again as the Bible indicates will happen? (By the way, if evolution is true, that would not have been commonplace in the evolutionary past and will never be that way in the future!)

Dave Nutting

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