Coincidence or God-cidence ?

Do you believe in coincidences? I usually like to call them God-cidences.

I was really up to my neck with things to do before the next speaking trip and needed to get the articles written quickly for the next issue of Think & Believe. The article I wanted to write to fit the flow of the issue was on the communications of honeybees. I made myself a note to begin doing research the next AM for some of the latest info on honeybee communication.

Not having computer web access, I turned on my smart phone to surf the web. I was surprised that it automatically took me to the New York Times news site. Guess what was in the headlines? God saved me a lot of research time as there was a big bold headline about the latest research on honeybee communication just posted that day! I have referenced it in the article, so stay tuned for bee communication in the next issue of Think & Believe! I love those God-cidences! Thank You Lord!

Dave Nutting

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