After a seminar the other evening, an elderly gentleman (CW for short) came up to me an introduced himself. He had been a professor of physics at a nearby secular university for over 25 years, retiring a few years ago. I had noticed him during my talks that evening … he was seated with his wife and a friend, all with beaming smiles and nodding heads the whole time I spoke … public speakers love this type of person!

He had heard the Nuttings speak in the early 90’s, and had come to hear one of AOI’s “new” speakers. CW shared that for a long period of time at the university he had offered an accredited course on Creation. He had many students enrolled every semester in the course. As you can imagine, it was not well received by the rest of the science professors, who were predominately evolutionist. He was a burr under the saddle to the head of the science department, who felt that his, CW’s, class was “an embarrassment to be on the curriculum catalog.”  

While CW was on leave one summer, the head of the department managed to underhandedly delete the Creation course. However, CW continued to share his views of creation in his physics classes and even offered after-school Bible studies to his students. Amazingly, he was never fired, as many are, for his Biblical viewpoint. Now retired, he is still sharing his faith and teaching Bible studies in his area.

It is so refreshing to meet individuals who are shining lights, boldly sharing their faith on the secular college campuses throughout these United States. May the Lord bless them for their boldness!

 Lanny Johnson

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