The Right Choice

We see many different reactions to the message of Creation we present at various locations. Last week, an elderly man got up and stomped out after listening to only 10 minutes of a talk on human origins. His grandson came up after the program and shared that his 81 year old grandfather was a stoic believer in evolution, and had only come to the program at the grandson’s request. Apparently, the older gentleman did not like what he was hearing.

 I was reminded that in 1990 something very similar happened to me. I had been invited to attend a debate on Creation and evolution. I willingly went because I was anxious to learn up-to-date arguments for evolution, so that I could better argue my belief in evolution. As an atheist at that time, I was not very happy to discover that the “debate” was in a church. On top of that the friend that invited me had lied … it was not a debate! It was a seminar put on by Alpha Omega Institute, with Dave and Mary Jo Nutting. I could have got up and stomped out, just as the grandfather had done, but I grudgingly made a choice to sit and listen to what these two speakers had to say.

After the seminar, I was still not convinced this God they had expounded upon existed, but they had certainly shared many thoughts on the problems of evolution. Without agreeing with them, I was challenged to look into what I had based my evolutionary dogma upon. I am so thankful that I was tricked into going to that AOI presentation, and that I made the right choice that evening … to at least listen. The seeds of doubt about evolution were planted, and the truth of God’s Creation was revealed. Thank you Dave and Mary Jo for being faithful and sharing the truth to so many over the years.

 Lanny Johnson

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