Typical Teaching Week on the Road – pt 2

Early morning traveling

Thanks for joining me again, as we continue on, in a typical teaching week on the road.  Here we go…..

Saturday – Get up early … On the road traveling by 7:30 … Drive for 6 hrs.  … Arrive in Fremont, NE, at church … Set up books … Get settled into provided home … Dine with church elder and wife … Return to guest home and in bed by 10 pm.

Sunday – Get up early … Get to church early to set up slides and sound … Teach 1 hr. first church service … Teach 1 hr. Bible School for all ages (5 yrs. – 95 yrs. Old) … Teach 1 hr. second church service … 30 minutes answering questions and selling books … Meet with a small group for pizza lunch followed by 1 hr. of more Questions and Answers … To guest home at 2:30 pm … Get to church early to set up puppet stage … Pot luck supper at 5:45 with church members … … Teach for 2 hrs. … Answer questions and sell literature … Home by 9:45 … To sleep by 11:30.

One of many booktables

Monday – Get up early … Work on newsletter … Work on powerpoint presentation … Work on blog … Teaching evening much like Thursday … Answer questions and sell literature … Pack up all equipment and books and load them in vehicle … Get to guest home about 10:30 pm … Get to sleep about 11-12 pm.

 Tuesday – Get up early for travel.

 This is fairly typical for all the speakers at AOI. I am not complaining mind you … I love what God has called us to do. I do have to admit though, we do get weary after a while on the road. As we get older, it takes a little longer for our energy level to bounce back day after day. Yet, the Lord keeps providing the strength and energy and opportunities for us to continue on in this ministry.

 Lanny Johnson

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