In Everything Give Thanks

Sometimes we struggle so hard to “find” God’s will for our lives, but often it’s easier than we think. I Thess. 5:18 says, “In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”

We recently had an “opportunity” to practice this teaching when our refrigerator died just a day-and-a-half after our latest speaking trip. So (after some time to get over our initial frustration), we thank God:

  •  That His love and care are constant despite the frustrations and trials of life;
  • That we hadn’t gotten groceries yet, so the fridge was almost bare;
  • That it happened when we were home and could save almost everything that was there;
  • That He led us to a demo unit, saving several hundred or more dollars;
  • That He had provided ahead of time so we had money to buy it;
  • That we now have a new refrigerator which will hopefully give us many years of service;
  • That we have food to put into a refrigerator – after all, millions of people around the world live day-to-day with no refrigeration at all – and scarcely enough food for the day.

 Oh, and one more thing – we thank God for all the people whose pictures adorn the front of our fridge. What a blessing to have caring friends and family to enrich our lives!

“In everything give thanks.” Thank You, Lord!

Mary Jo Nutting

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