Netherlands Update 4: Cross-Cultural Creation Evangelism

We’re back from The Netherlands, safe and sound! It was a packed trip, with some very LONG days, but God gave great grace and sustained us well. Now we’ve done a quick turn-around, adjusting to jetlag, and are currently at AOI’s Creation Mountain Adventure at Redcloud.

Teaching in The Netherlands was an interesting cross-cultural experience! Audiences were almost entirely composed of Chinese living in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, or Spain. At the Youth Camp (ages 18-30), we taught for 3 hours each day, and then had LOTS of opportunities for questions and fellowship with small groups and one-on-one. Since backgrounds ranged from recent high school graduates to research scientists, we had a good range of discussions!

Following the camp, we did a well-attended afternoon seminar in Rotterdam and sermon in Den Haag. Meals and sightseeing following events gave more time for questions and fellowship – and a taste of Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, and Greek cuisine. (Anyone for fried jellyfish? Mmmmm…)

Praise the Lord! He graciously answered prayers for protection, provision, and fruitful ministry. Seven young adults responded to the Gospel message. Another told us that before the camp, he was a theistic evolutionist and his walk with the Lord had been very up and down. He told us this teaching had strengthened his faith in God’s Word and he believes it will help stabilize his faith. In addition, several individuals talked with us about creation training and possible future ministry.

To God be the Glory! He is worthy of all praise!

Dave and Mary Jo Nutting

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