Netherlands Update 3: Babel and Revelation

The day started early Monday morning with pick up at 7:30 AM and a 1-1/2 hour drive through rainy but beautiful farm country to southern Holland. We were scheduled to teach through Friday at an evangelistic camp with over 120 Dutch young people, mostly of Chinese descent. The “camp” is actually in an old monastery in a very beautiful and peaceful country setting. It was a real treat for the young people to be there, since most of them live fast-paced city lives. 

Teaching internationally always serves as a reminder of the truth of Genesis. When God confused the languages, at Babel, He certainly did a good job! Since most of the attendees are multilingual, we taught in English. However, translation into Dutch and Cantonese was available through headsets for those who needed it. Despite the challenges of translation and unfamiliar terms and concepts, most of them seemed to have “gotten it.”

Worship times were an interesting mix of songs in Dutch, English, and Chinese. We enjoyed the enthusiastic singing of the campers – a bit of a foretaste of heaven when people from every language, tribe and nation will worship before the throne of God.

We also enjoyed hearing the hearts of many of the leaders as they shared their desire to reach young people with the Gospel. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to speak through us and that He would continue to work on and reach the hearts of those who do not yet believe, and to strengthen those who do.

Mary Jo Nutting

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