Traveling with a Geologist

Traveling with a geologist can be a real “experience!” I remember a time a few years ago when we were driving with our friend Johnathan in Minnesota. Johnathan was right in the middle of a deep spiritual discussion, when Dave suddenly flung his arm right in front of Johnathan and exclaimed, “Look at the ripple marks!” Fortunately, Johnathan had a good grip on the wheel and an ability to see through Dave’s arm to watch the road ahead!

Over the years, we have traveled thousands of miles, and Dave continues to be excited by ripple marks, rounded hills, boulder deposits, ancient shorelines, canyons, and other indicators of catastrophic erosion caused by collapse of giant lakes and seas. We’ve also observed volcanoes, lava flows, ash falls, lava tubes, fault zones, arches, bridges, caves, cross-strata, “pushy-ups,” glaciers, moraines, arêtes, as well as petrified wood, dinosaur bones, “clam-burgers,” and all sorts of other fossils, rocks, minerals, and crystals.

Along the way, I’ve learned more about geology than I ever knew there was to know. I’m glad to be learning it from a young-age creationist and to see how all this geology testifies to the truth of God’s Word. It’s fascinating and exciting! But sometimes I just long to sit back, enjoy the beauty, and marvel at greatness of God displayed in His creation!  

Mary Jo Nutting

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