Until They Know How Much You Care

I had a good week of senior high camp at Camp Salvation, which is located near the small town of Stonewall Gap, CO.  Usually my wife and family would attend camp with me. But, since my wife has been away from the children plenty this year and some of our children are now employed, I decided to travel alone. 

I like to spend as much time with the campers as possible.  A good Christian friend of mind once said, ‘People don’t care what you say until they know how much you care.’   A good way to show that you care is to spend ample time with them and just listen to them.  So, I bunked in with them.  This usually means I will not get a lot of sleep, and that I didn’t!  We had many late night talks about creation and other Biblical topics.  One night, I stayed up to 1:30 in the morning just answering questions a camper had about Scripture. 

Many of the young men opened up and talked about some of the struggles they were facing.  It was heartbreaking, so please pray for our young people!  One camper was overjoyed to discover I was a creation speaker, and I was staying in his cabin.  He has an atheistic teacher who he is having an ongoing debate about creation and evolution.  One of his Christian friends had already been converted to atheism and he did not want to be next.  The creation information was just what he needed! 

Another young man was on the fence about the age of the earth.  He was confused and leaning to an old earth position.  After hearing the assumptions and problems with radio isotope dating methods, and comparing them to the extreme accuracy of Scripture, he became convinced of a young earth.  The best part of camp was the fact that a number of campers began to trust in Jesus Christ as their Savior!  Praise the LORD!  So please pray for these campers and for me as I continue in this ministry.      

Rich Stepanek

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