Meditation in Song

Do you ever get a song stuck in your head and find yourself singing it over and over again? It can be really annoying if it’s some dumb advertising ditty, but at times, I find it is a way in which God speaks to me. I remember a time several years ago when I was standing in line in an office supply store.

As usual, I was in a hurry – and the line was oh so long and the service soooooo slow and I was getting really frustrated and impatient. After awhile I noticed I had a song running through my head. Finally I stopped to listen to the words:  “The reason I live, is to worship you.” Whoa! God got my attention! If the reason I live is to worship HIM, then I can do that anywhere – even standing in line in an office supply store.

That really changed my perspective. However, in the bustle and busyness of life, I find I often need a “refresher” course – and God is faithful to give it. We usually start Training Week days with music to help focus our hearts and minds on the Lord, so now I have a phrase stuck in my mind from one of the songs: “Lord, I exist to worship you.” Now that’s pretty deep theology, but oh, so practical. God made us for a purpose – to know and love and glorify Him. We exist to worship Him – anytime, anywhere.  

Mary Jo Nutting

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