Update from the CHEC Home Educators Conference

Attendance and interest were great at the CHEC Conference in Denver last week.  We were able to share with many people the need for creation science in their home education program.  One woman shared how they were using the AOI DVD program to ground their children in a Christian worldview and help them to effectively defend their faith in a skeptical world. 

We also saw a real interest in attending one of our Creation Mountain Adventures at Redcloud Ranch – either this August or in the coming years.  Many families were looking for somewhere to go to make some special memories with their families; a place that would provide both education and recreation.  We told them that Redcloud would be the perfect place to do that!   

One gentleman shared his story of learning about the scientific evidences for creation through a creation seminar—becoming a creationist, and then immediately trusting Christ for salvation.   What a testimony!  What an encouragement to know that the Lord is using this vital message to transform lives!

Rich Stepanek

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