Sharing the Gospel with a Hindu

Recently, I was talking with two women I had just met. I found out that one of the women was familiar with creation evidences. After talking a short time, she asked if we might be available to do a program in her church. At that, the other woman also invited us to her town. When I asked if she attended a church that would be interested in a seminar, she said she went to a Hindu temple.

Now that would be interesting! I asked her what Hinduism teaches about evolution. She didn’t really know, but began talking about reincarnation. I told her that I found reincarnation to be really depressing, because you had to keep coming back again and again to try to “get it right” – and then you never for sure knew if you had “made it.” I was able to share the simple gospel message with her – that we don’t have to keep “coming back” again and again, because Jesus had already purchased our salvation and all we need to do is trust in Him and His work.

As we were leaving, she said it was a new idea and she would have to think about it. I praise God for the opportunity to share the gospel with her and pray that He will continue to water the seeds planted during this short encounter. What a privilege it is to be able to know and share the truth!

Mary Jo Nutting

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