Help us in India

I have been traveling and teaching in India every winter for the last three years, and one request that I repeatedly receive from my Indian Christian friends is the crucial need for good laptop computers.  Many of the Christians there are very poor and cannot afford them. We all know the blessing that this technology can bring in education and learning. This will help run items such as Bible software and other critical tools in a ministry environment.   If you are able, consider donating to help a Christian in India.  

Please send your donations to AOI, and designate that it is for foreign computers.  Both AOI and the recipients will be greatly appreciative.  Next, please pray that we would find an efficient and inexpensive way to deliver them.  They have begun charging a fee if someone brings more than one computer into the country.  I have not encountered many problems in the past, but policies for entering India are changing.  Thank you for your prayers and support.

Richard Stepanek

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