Icons of Evolution

Several years ago, I was teaching at a public forum in Alaska about “The Biogenetic Law: Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny”. Essentially, this is the evolutionary idea that as we form in the womb, the human embryo will look like the animals we evolved from. After showing a picture of Haeckel’s drawing of recapitulation (the ones that have been shown to be a fraud), an evolutionary professor interrupted to state that picture was no longer being shown in the textbooks. There were several college students attending, and they actually stood up and “booed” the professor. They said he was wrong. The next evening some of these students brought in a college biology textbook published in 2003 (a book this professor had actually been teaching from!) … in it were Haeckel’s drawings. Yesterday I was speaking to adults at one of our family Vacation Bible School programs about the Icons of Evolution. In the presentation, I point out many of the problems with the so-called “truths” of evolution. Two of the subjects I discussed were Peppered Moths (which has been a known fraud for twenty years) and Darwin’s Finches (where we see variation and adaptation, not evolution). At break a student just finishing the 7th grade told me both of these subjects were in his textbook this past year. He had turned the book back in for the year, but knew the name of the textbook … Glencoe Life Science. Evolutionary “proofs”, which for years have been known to be wrong are still in many of the textbooks today! Parents, you need to check your children’s books. Are they being duped by false information?

Lanny Johnson

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