The Life of a Creation Speaker

The life of a traveling speaker can seem glamorous at times, but what’s it really like? “Come along” with us and see. Before you even start, there’s lots of “up-front” work – scheduling, studying, lecture prep, packing, and preparing to be “away” for 2, 3, or even more weeks. Then, “on the road,” there’s hours and hours of travel time – either by road (along with sometimes hazardous road conditions, traffic, or vehicle breakdowns) or by air (with all that entails – special baggage requirements, security checks, cramped seats, and long airport layovers – or running to catch your plane!). Once you arrive, you unpack, set up for the seminar, do your programs, talk and talk and talk, tear down, pack up, and prepare to do it again. You often have late nights and early mornings, and you sleep in beds which are not your own. Meals vary between gourmet and non-existent, and unless you are very well disciplined, your diet and exercise routine go down the drain. Now don’t get me wrong – we love our work! It’s just not always a bed of roses. We do get to see lots of exotic (and not so exotic) places along the way, and we meet so many wonderful people (and some not-so-wonderful like a few in-your-face atheists). But the best of all is being able to share the Truth from God’s Word and His World with anyone who will listen. Nothing compares with being in His will and doing the work He sets before you. Nothing!

Mary Jo

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