Home Again

We often talk about “road time,” because that’s when we are “out there” speaking and connecting with people, but what about “home time?” Of course, when you first get home, there is unpacking, laundry, sorting mail, paying bills, touching bases with family, and “catching up” on business. Then, whatever you would “normally” do on weekends and evenings now needs to be squeezed into half the time. Home maintenance suffers and “To Do” lists mount up. Friends begin to think you have dropped off the face of the earth, and your pastor introduces himself to you at church. Certain things just have to go – like regular attendance at your own church, Bible Study, prayer meeting, or exercise classes. Any kind of “routine” schedule around the house is out. Doctors, dentists, vehicle maintenance, etc. all have to be juggled into the “in between” slots, and you either have to hire yard-care, impose on friends and family, live in a jungle, or find a low-maintenance design and forget about gardening. At work there is scheduling, studying, lecture prep, newsletter writing, meetings, and other obligations. And then, just about the time you are settling in, it’s time to start packing, pay the bills, print out your itinerary, clean out the fridge, and hit the road again. Not complaining – just explaining! But now you see why your prayers are so vital – for our “home time” as well as when we are “on the road.” Thanks for praying!

Mary Jo

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