Colorado to Texas via Wyoming?

Grand Junction, CO, to San Antonio, TX, via Douglas, Wyoming? Not the most direct route, but with back-to-back homeschool conferences, it didn’t make sense to drive home in between. So we rented a car and set off for a packed 2 weeks. At the Wyoming conference, we ran a booth and did 9 hours of teaching for teens (2 of these sessions were combined with adults). Yes, the teens stayed awake, interested, and engaged, and we were grateful for the opportunity to reach this younger generation with the truth of creation! After the LONG drive to San Antonio, we were happy to see a good turnout for the FEAST (Family Educators Association of South Texas) convention. Despite a major deluge on Friday, our booth and teaching sessions were well attended and we got to talk with lots of young parents about the importance of teaching their children the truth about creation. After 3200 miles, two homeschool conferences, presentations for a church youth group and Christian school, time to catch-up with folks at the Institute for Creation Research, plus lots of visiting with host families and friends of AOI, it’s good to be home for a short time! THANK YOU to all who organized speaking events and hosted us, and THANK YOU to our ministry partners who faithfully undergird this ministry with prayer and support. YOU are much appreciated!

Mary Jo Nutting

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