Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will my active teen and overactive 6 year old get bored or hungry?
Answer: Neither! Kids from 6 to 86 love it. But be warned! They might not want to go home.

Question: Is there learning too?
Answer: Oh, yes! Some say that is the best part, others say the high ropes gives them the biggest high. We'll show you why we believe evolution is wrong and creation true. You'll apply your faith indoors and out and be equipped to go to national parks and schools with the right questions.

Question: I'm a skeptic, but it sounds fun! Can I come?
Answer: By all means. We welcome the questions of an honest skeptic!

Question: I don't have a family? Can I come?
Answer: You Bet!

Question: I'm a grandparent. Can I bring my grandchildren?
Answer: Yes! They will love it! You won't be alone.

Question: Do I have to go down the cliff with ropes?
Answer: It sure beats going down without ropes! But if you'd rather read a book, that's OK!

Question: My dad won't get out of his easy chair. What should I do?
Answer: Tie the chair on top of the car (with his permission if he's in it) and untie him when you get to camp.

Question: Are all those activities safe?
Answer: Of course there are inherent dangers in any outdoor activity, but all activities are run by qualified staff who make safety a priority. We make no promises about the guy in the easy chair.

Question: Is my pet welcome?
Answer: That depends on which camp you are attending - please call.

Question: Is there child care available?
Answer: These are family adventures and we encourage families to do activities together. Child care will be available at some camps during parts of the scheduled program.