October 7th, 2011

The Pipe Snake

Living in Southeast Asia, where the frightful cobra lives, is a snake called the “pipe snake” because it is slightly flat at both ends.  It is hard to tell which end is the front or back.


If an enemy gets close, the pipe snake flattens out the tail end, and raises it in the air.  The flattened out tail looks like the “head” of a mad cobra, complete with black and white bars, and a red tip for a “mouth.”  With its “head” raised, looking ready to strike, the pipe snake’s body is coiled, protecting the hidden real head!  If the attacker draws back and leaves (which most do), the pipe snake uncoils and swiftly crawls to safety.


The pipe snake is “born” with this protective coloration and ability to flatten its tail.  Pretending to be a cobra is not something it learned.  The pipe snake knows how to do it as soon as it is “born.”

Where did the false-eyed frog (last weeks Creation Nugget) and pipe snake get the amazing defense disguises they were “born” with and the knowledge of how to use them?  They are there because of information patterns (codes) programmed into their DNA.  Where did these codes come from?  Evolution would teach it happened by chance and accident.  But accidental, thoughtless, unplanned codes do not make anything; it takes intelligence to make a code with order and design!  It certainly looks like an Intelligent Creator designed the false-eyed frog and pipe snake with defense systems for survival in our fallen world.  That Creator is God!


By Lanny and Marilyn Johnson


Originally Published in the September/October 2007 Kids Think and Believe Too.

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