June 29th, 2012

The Fossil Forests of Yellowstone


Yellowstone! The Tetons! Hot springs, bears, mudpots, hoodoos, waterfalls, and buffalo! Because of its thermal oddities and astounding geology, this area covering 3,400 square miles is like nature’s Disneyland. For creationists, it’s even better. There are so many features that cannot be accounted for by slow and gradual processes that, in some cases, even uniformitarian scientists are talking “catastrophe.”


We’ve chosen a few highlights from the True North guidebook to invite your interest and to encourage your faith.



For instance, Specimen Ridge in Yellowstone National Park consists of many layers containing standing petrified trees. These trees were assumed to represent 27 successive forests which were each buried by volcanic eruptions, separated by long spans of time. If this is right, why do trees in different layers have the same ring structure? Where are the soil zones between forests? Why are the roots broken off? The 1980 Mt. St. Helens eruption answered our questions and altered our view of the formation of Specimen Ridge forever. It ripped up trees from a single forest and deposited them in mudflows and also in Spirit Lake. There they became waterlogged,

sank to the bottom, and were buried upright in distinct layers as if they grew during different times.


The multiple forest interpretation of the layers in Yellowstone which assumes very long periods of time had certainly captivated many students causing them to reject the Biblical record or making them take a dimmer view of Scripture. As it turns out, Scripture holds! Actual observation showed how multiple layers with trees standing upright could form within merely a couple of years. Colossians 2:8 warns us not to be taken captive through vain philosophy. Evolution is certainly a philosophy; however, it poses as if it were science. Don’t be taken captive! Stand firmly on the Word!



By Dave Nutting and Mark Sonmor



Originally Published in the May/June 2012 Think and Believe!


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