April 6th, 2012

That "Simple" Cell


Evolution teaches that millions of years ago, somehow, just the right chemicals were all together in the right place and a “simple” living cell formed.  This cell produced itself from the chemicals in the water around it, and from this one cell all the plants and animals on Earth evolved – all by chance and accident!


Before powerful microscopes were invented, people thought single-cells were “simple,” and were little more than blobs of jelly.  But now we can actually look inside these single cells and see that they are more complicated than a large city.  In the center of the cell is the nucleus, which is a kind of library, with all the instructions needed to make everything in the cell work.  There are twisted chains many miles long, called DNA, that are coded instructions to build an exact copy of the cell itself.  There are mitochondria – (power-plants) that turn sugar and fats into energy.  The Golgi apparatus sorts and packs proteins, and sends them to other parts of the cells, or stores them.  The ribosome’s are like factories which use amino acids to make proteins.  These proteins have to be arranged in a special way, not mixed up.  There are also lysosomes, which act as garbage and recycling collectors.  They recycle worn-out parts of the cell, and break down and destroy harmful matter.  Within just a few hours a cell can make a perfect copy of itself.  Amazing!


These are just a few of the thousands of things we can see working in the cell.  Not so “simple” is it?  If someone told you, “A computer just happened; it just built itself!  No one planned or designed it!”  You would think they were teasing.  Yet this is what evolutionists think about life – it’s here by chance and accident!   Does it make sense that this fantastic cell just made itself?  Someone very mighty and smart must have designed and made living cells, and that Someone is God!  God gave life to all living things!



By Lanny and Marilyn Johnson


Originally Published in the November/December 1995 Kids Think and Believe Too.


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