Oct 22, 2009


"Ida" is in trouble! In May's edition of T&B, I wrote about the fossil discovery, "Ida" which was touted to be your ancestor in one of the biggest media blitzes ever. Museum unveilings, magazine publications, and even a 2 hour TV Documentary regarding "Ida," stated she was just what Charles Darwin would have hoped for to support his theory of evolution. One promoter of the fossil said this one will be in the textbooks for at least 100 years. Well,  how about 5 months? According to the latest news today on Yahoo, "Ida" has just been demoted to just a fossil lemur and not your relative! Finally when experts got to analyze the fossil (they weren't allowed to before the media hype), it appears that the May announcement indeed was a bunch of hype! What is "Ida"? Yep -- just as we suggested -- a lemur! To read more check out http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20091021/ap_on_sc/us_sci_controversial_fossil



Dave Nutting

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