August 18th, 2011

Education or Indoctrination?


Have you looked at the science textbooks your children or grandchildren are using?  The evolutionary / humanistic  worldview is certainly on the attack.  In years past, the issue of special creation was largely ignored.  Now, many of the texts refer to the creation position as myth and imply anyone who believes in it is ignorant, extreme, or even intolerant.


Human Antiquity – a beginning level anthropology text says, “In its attempt to attribute scientific accuracy to the Bible, scientific creationism is no less than a clever and insidious device for injecting a partisan religious view into public education.”


Yet, these authors have no problem injecting their bias and atheistic views.


Human Antiquity also says that “not one shred of scientific evidence supports scientific creationism.”  This is particularly disturbing since the opposite is true.  It is appalling – although not surprising, to see how evolutionists totally ignore actual facts and research that confirm scientific creationism and establish that the Bible is scientifically and historically accurate.


Christians need to investigate what the textbooks in our school system are presenting.  We need to acquire relevant information to evaluate both models and show that Biblical creation best fits the physical laws of the earth and universe as we observe them.

The bottom line is that Christians need to engage the culture of secular humanism and bring the truth and glory of scripture to a fallen world.  Let’s challenge these wrong and ungodly textbooks for, as Abraham Lincoln observed, what we teach our children in this generation, becomes the culture of the next.


By Hank Giesecke

Hank Giesecke is assistant director of the Van Andel Creation Research Center in Chino Valley, Arizona.  He has a BS in aerospace engineering from the University of Arizona, an MS in aerospace engineering from USC, an MBA in finance and organizational development from UCLA, and is an ordained pastor.


Originally Published in the Winter 2003 Think and Believe.

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