Those Stubborn Mules


Impossible foal

Photo and caption from the original Denver Post story linked below

I really appreciate people sending me articles. Thanks, Frank, for the one regarding the mule!

One of the tests we have imposed on the term “species” is that of reproduction. If two animals can reproduce and if the offspring is viable (meaning the offspring can reproduce), then we say the original pair are of the same “species.”

It has been a common thought that mules, which are the hybrids between horses and donkeys, do not reproduce. That would mean that the donkey and horse are 2 different species.

Leave it to a mule to be stubborn and defy genetics!  A Denver Post article posted July 26, 2007 and updated in August of 2013 was titled, “Mule’s foal fools genetics with ‘impossible’ birth.”

According to the article, “It’s an event so rare that the Romans had a saying, ‘when a mule foals’ — the equivalent of ‘when hell freezes over.’”

Yes it is a rare event, but not “impossible.” The article mentioned that there are about 50 such cases of mules having offspring. Genetic researchers certainly are intrigued about this and are trying to figure out how this works.

Unfortunately, the young foal died last August from complications after having slipped on the ice earlier in the winter. While alive, it was the center of genetic attention and seems to have opened up new areas of genetic research. This case, and many others like it, should make us question our definition of a species. At the very least, it also shows that the Biblical definition of a kind is a whole lot more useful than our man-made term, “species.”

To read the original article, see: Mule’s foal fools genetics with “impossible” birth.


Dave Nutting

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Work …a Blessing or Curse?


WORK.  What thoughts come to mind when you hear this word?  Are they in a positive or a negative light? Do you like to work? I have been thinking about work and its value for the past few weeks. Since my cancer surgery four months ago, I basically had the “privilege” of being served by others. This was primarily my dear husband and my family, who provided almost everything I needed. They brought me many meals in bed, washed many dishes, and served me in whatever way they could. I was unable to do almost any of the usual household duties I had been accustom to doing for the past 35 years. I had always enjoyed serving, so it was very difficult for me to now be the one to be served. This life went on for over three months.

hThen by God’s grace and some new medication, I started to feel somewhat better. I began to be able to do some simple cooking and cleaning. One of these first days as I was ironing one of my husband’s shirts, a task I had not been able to do for over three months, I just began to cry and praise The Lord for His goodness in allowing me the privilege to do this again! It felt so GOOD to work! At the end of the day, I could look back and see what God had allowed me to accomplish. Now by many standards it really wasn’t much, but it was so much more than I had been able to do before! It brought such a sense of fulfillment. Part of my joy was related to the fact that I wasn’t sure if my health would ever improve, but part was also just the joy derived from doing something of purpose, meaning, and service to my family. After several months of serving me, my husband and family were more than happy to have me resume my role and responsibilities, even with a few limitations!

The subject of work also reminds us of Genesis and creation. Work was part of God’s original plan. He gave both Adam and Eve specific duties and expected them to fulfill them. God knew that work was good and would provide joy and fulfillment. Work was NOT part of the curse after Adam’s sin. The curse made his work more difficult, because of the weeds and thorns, but the work itself was not a curse.

So the next time you are feeling discouraged or dismayed by the work that is before you, I would  encourage you to stop a moment and think. Thank God first for the ability to work, also His provision of work, and maybe ask for a change of heart that you would sense the joy that God intended to be derived from your work.


Sue Stepanek

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Getting Buried at the Museum


AOI always enjoys opportunities, with two just this past week, to give creation presentations along with museum tours of the Dinosaur Journey Museum in Fruita, CO. We have heard that this most recent tour has already had an impact on some of the participants!

AOI Museum Tour 2One was for a group of college students. The other group was a vibrant group of home educators and their children. The children really enjoyed the station where you can “dig” up dinosaur bones. Actually, as you can tell by the picture, some of the students enjoyed burying others in the group as much as digging up bones.

Of course, like most museums across this country (except for a few creationist ones), the amount of evolution presented is daunting. Without a proper creationist introduction, it would be easy for these students to “get buried” by the evolutionary philosophy.  This is happening to a high percentage of students in the public school system, as well as many Christian students.

We encourage you, if you get out to Western Colorado, to contact Alpha Omega Institute for materials or even to arrange for a presentation and creationist tour. You can then take the information back to your church, or so we would hope.

If you are not coming out this way, call AOI and arrange to have one of our speakers come to your church or university, thus bringing the truth of creation into your community.

Another option is to come to one of our family camps or perhaps college age students can come out to take part in our Discover Creation Training Institute.  You can read about these great opportunities on our website!

Whatever you do, fortify your family with the truth!


Dave Nutting

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Good Morning!


Snowy in MoabAs we were preparing for a full day of field trips, with the Jackson Hole Bible College, this was the scene in what is supposed to be warm and sunny Moab, Utah. It was still snowing! The students had just came from a pile of snow and very cold temperatures in Wyoming, so they likely think this is normal. However, they did have expectations of warmer weather and had to trade in their shorts for something warmer.

We had to delay our excursion a couple of hours from where we were staying in Moab as we really wanted to have them see something other than clouds, as this is a geology and biology field trip – not a meteorology class.

This has been the case for Mary Jo & I as we have led field trips for various groups over the years, including this bible college for many years. You take the weather you get and make the most of it. One year, we were tempted to make a T-shirt which said “I slid the Grand Canyon,” rather than the traditional, “I hiked the Canyon.”

Other times the weather is just perfect and that is what we are hoping and praying to have for the rest of this trip!  But, by the time I had finished this blog (and sent it to Scott), it was snowing even harder!


Dave Nutting

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75 Years of Commitment


Happy 75th

My parents, Irwin and Barbara Nutting, just celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary. First of all, that is hardly heard of because of the age attainments necessary. Secondly, many people are amazed at 75 years because of the fact that people these days seem to drift in and out of relationships with little commitment to each other long-term.

I realize that circumstances can make a marriage seem unbearable, but so many trials that cause many people to split apart, can be overcome. Many “unbearable” situations can actually be overturned to bring victory in a marriage and lead to 75 years. But it takes effort and it takes commitment. Enough preaching.

I really appreciate my parent’s commitment to each other and working through the difficulties of raising 4 boys together to achieve this amazing milestone of 75 years. That is a great encouragement and example for Mary Jo and I. Good job, Mom & Dad.


Dave Nutting

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How Ungrateful We Can Be


As most of you know, I had a Whipple surgery on November 25th, because of cancer in the duodenum.  As the months after my surgery pass, and as I try to adjust to my “new” (but certainly not improved!) redesigned digestive system, I have found myself having some troubling thoughts.  I have often looked with envy at other people who can eat anything they want, anytime they want, and feel good afterwards.  No pills, no pain, no restrictions, and I think, “this just isn’t fair.”  These people do not think twice about what a blessing it is to have a digestive system that works well.  It doesn’t even cross their mind!  How ungrateful these people are!

Footprints on the beachThen God brought conviction to my heart.  I thought about people who are blind.  Do I really thank God daily for my sight?  I honestly had to answer, “No.”  What about people who are wheelchair bound for life?  Do I thank God daily for the ability to move and walk?  Another “no” answer.  Or how about those who are bedridden, or have lost limbs, terminally ill children, stroke victims, and the list could go on and on.  You get the picture.  I was just like the people I had called ungrateful.  I was no different.

I was suddenly overcome with my own self-centeredness.  And I cried out to God for forgiveness.  I could see my own area of suffering so clearly and yet there are so many areas of my life in which God had blessed me tremendously, but I often take those blessings for granted.  We all are keenly aware of our own “area of suffering,” whatever it may be.  But how often we fail to have TRUE compassion for those who are suffering in other ways.  My prayer is that I would truly have a grateful heart daily to see the blessings from The Lord and to have a heart of loving compassion for others.


Sue Stepanek

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In Texas …or is this Canada?


AirplaneWe thought we were heading to a warmer climate, but it appears like the plane flew in the wrong direction or they moved Texas to the middle of Canada!  Bhrrrrr… It’s cold! Fortunately, we have dodged the sections that had snow and black ice.  We have certainly been praying for clear roads!

Mary Jo and I have been filling in for Richard Stepanek at speaking events he had previously scheduled with creation groups in Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio.  Due to his wife Sue’s difficult recovery from surgery, Rich needed to stay with her.

I always like a full schedule, so revising and filling up my schedule at the last minute posed a bit of a challenge. However, our schedule worked out fantastically with seminars and presentations at other locations as well. This included a “Classical Conversations” school (homeschool group that meets as a school one day per week). It took place 2 hours after our plane landed. I warned them that if there was a glitch in the flight, they may be doing the program themselves! We also did some church seminars and another full-day homeschool seminar besides the creation groups. So far, this has turned out to be a very full 2 weeks.

Our schedule also allowed us to swing by the Institute for Creation Research. It was good to visit with old friends there and catch up on some of the latest, and quite interesting, research they are conducting there.  Hopefully, we will be able to be report on that as it gets to the point where it can be shared in publications. We are so glad that ICR is continuing with their desire to promote high quality research and materials for us to share with others.

It is also good to see creation associations springing up all over, just like the ones we have spoken to on this trip. We have also spoken to other Creation groups across the country, including: Pittsburg, Portland, San Francisco, Phoenix, Tucson, Albuquerque, Denver, Kansas City, and Minneapolis. If you live in any of these locations and want to be part of one of these groups, let us know and we will put you in contact with them.

The Creation movement has certainly spread.  We hope that our readers will also continue to light the creation fires!


Dave Nutting

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All in the family! Part 1


DmanisiA discovery of five skulls from Dmanisi, Georgia, has added a new twist to the story of human evolution. They believe there may not have been many different evolutionary Homo species, but just one species consisting of a huge variation within that species.

“The five skulls found at Dmanisi do not seem to go together, having cranial capacities varying from 546 to 730 cubic centimeters and a constellation of features evolutionists typically assign to three different species of early Homo—Homo erectus, Homo habilis, and Homo rudolfensis.“  From the article, Does the Dmanisi discovery Demonstrate We Are All One Family.

“This would lump the various human species that have been named during early Homo history into a single evolving species connecting Homo habilis to the Dmanisi humans, and forward in time to Homo erectus as it expanded across Eurasia. “We think that many African fossils can be lumped in this category and aligned with the single-lineage hypothesis,” Lordkipanidze says.” From the article, Dmanisi Human: Skull from Georgia Implies All Early Homo Species were One.

So some researches believe that Homo habilis, Homo erectus, Homo rudolfensis, and the Dmanisi fossils could all just be variations of the same species.

Let us review of what they found.

Dmanisi skullIn 1991, paleontologists began to unearth fragments of skulls, miscellaneous human and animal bones, and stone tools. In 2000, researchers first found a complete lower jaw, then five years later they discovered the cranium they believe fit that jaw.  In the Dmanisi cave, they found the bones scattered and evidence of bite marks on the bones. One conclusion was that this was a carnivorous beast’s den, into which the victims were dragged.

“The team found clearly human skeleton parts, along with five skulls or partial skulls. Even though skull 5 has several key features resembling an ape, not a human, the Science study authors wrote, “Skull 5 is probably associated with the postcranial [bones located below the head] elements of an adult individual with nearly modern human body proportions.” From the article, New ‘Human’ Fossil Borders on Fraud.

As I read and study the evidence, it appears that wild animals dragged their prey into the den and scattered the remains around. Some of the prey may have been human. Some of the skulls have ape characteristics and the skeletons have modern human characteristics. There is a possibility that some of the humans could have had diseases, deficiencies, or deformities, etc., which may lead to some of the strange skulls.  Eventually the cave was occupied by humans, which is evident from the stone tools.  The humans may have hunted and brought in some of the remains that were found, and later the cave collapsed preserving the remains.

Can the Bible shed some light onto this data? Yes it can! True knowledge, wisdom, and understanding starts with the fear of the LORD.

Proverbs 1:7 – The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.

Proverbs 9:10 – The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.

Scientists have limited knowledge, and their worldview interferes with the interpretation of the data.   So to fully understand the facts of these fossils, we must first start with a source of all knowledge.  This source is the God of the Bible, the Creator of all things …including science.

Turning to Genesis, God created and made everything in six days and so finding human remains alongside ape remains is not unexpected.  God also programmed in the DNA for creatures to reproduce after their own kind or family type.  For example, we have the dog family, cat family, or even the bacteria family.  Everything reproduces after their own kind or family type.  Dogs always stay dogs and bacteria always stay bacteria; this is observational science.  Organisms never change into completely different organisms (macroevolution).  Macroevolution has never been observed.

What most people have missed in Genesis is the phrase found in Genesis 1:22, “And God blessed them, saying, Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the waters in the seas, and let fowl multiply in the earth.”

And again in Genesis  1:28a, “And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish (fill) the earth, …”

To be fruitful, multiply, and fill the earth, creatures must have the ability to adapt to different environments.  God has created a very complex DNA system so creatures can adapt to their new environments. Scripture reveals that species will change to fill the earth, this is what we call microevolution or microadaptation, and what I like to say is variation within a kind.  This is Biblical and also scientific.  But at the same time, creatures are made with limitations and cannot change into a completely different kind or family type.

With this information in mind, let us review the data.  What they found are variations of apes, mixed with human bones.  Some of these variations of apes have probably gone extinct, so we will not see those types of apes alive today.  This is not a new concept, because variations in kinds are going extinct today.  We also observe a huge variation within the human kind, and some of these variations may have also ceased to exist.

Again it is all in the family!  We have the ape family and the human family, with a large range of variation within these families.  By studying Scripture, we can come to know the truth!


Richard Stepanek

All in the Family! Part 2

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The Ken Ham/Bill Nye Debate – Thoughts

Ham-Nye debate

In researching about both speakers, they have two very different worldviews, perspectives, and goals. Ken Ham has been very active sharing his perspective and worldview for practically all of his life. He started out teaching public school science in Australia, but eventually moved to the US to work with Creation ministries.

Bill Nye has been a popular science teacher for many years, and recently, he has been especially outspoken on what he perceives are the dangers of allowing the US to slip in our position and emphasis in science. He passionately shares how he feels creationism is unscientific, evolution is basically a proven fact, and how it is wrong to teach children these erroneous viewpoints about science. He says he wants people to understand what science is and that through science we can then better impact our world.[i]

He said that he did not want to come as a scientist or to just spout off science, but he wants to teach people that evolution is proven science and that it is not acceptable to believe or teach creation as a scientific model. He has said that “your world just becomes fantastically complicated when you don’t believe in evolution.”i

Many secular and atheist individuals have warned not to do debates with creationists, because that gives creationism a platform or an opening to try to spread their non-scientific views. They don’t even want to give creationism a platform, or an option, to be heard or thought of as science. One atheist even gave Bill Nye tips on debating Ken Ham. Ultimately, Nye took the debate to raise awareness that “we need them (your kids), we need scientifically literate voters and tax-payers.”[i]

Here is a challenge that I might offer: Giving students numerous models (scientific, philosophical or religious) that they have to study and search out will make students more skeptical, critical, and better informed about each side and about what is truly science, philosophy, and religion. So teaching Creation and Evolution will help students to be critical and skeptical in searching out truth and to not just believe one side.

In fact, Ken Ham takes an even less imposing strategy on education by saying that “while we are not in favor of mandating that creation be taught in public school science classes, we believe that, at the very least, instructors should have the academic freedom to bring up the problems with evolution.”[ii]

The debate’s focus was on this question: Is creation a viable model of origins in today’s modern scientific era? Both men were very cordial, kept to time, and played by the rules with very little mud-slinging. Out of all of Ken Ham’s presentations, I thought he did one of his clearest presentations yet. Albeit, there was still a lot of material that could possibly go over peoples’ heads …especially if they were not familiar with the Creation perspective. By using video testimonies, he made the case that there were real scientists that rejected evolutionary naturalism and favored Biblical Creation. Ken Ham also made a clear distinction between observational science and historical science.

Chess-BattleBill Nye was, as always, more entertaining and less staged than Ken Ham. But, Bill Nye did not make strong connections or explanations for the various scientific arguments that he used for evolutionary naturalism. I was surprised at many of the evidences that Bill Nye brought up, because many of those evidences have very consistent (or better) answers from a Creation perspective. In fact, Creation Ministries International wrote a response to the debate ( and linked it to many articles where they explain the creation perspective for the evidences that Bill Nye used.

Coming from a creation perspective, Nye’s arguments are fairly weak and so I was surprised that he was not as researched and knowledgeable about the creation perspective. I think Bill Nye would be surprised at the level of scientific complexity and research that has been done by creationists and I would simply challenge him, or any other atheist or evolutionist, to honestly search out and understand the complete Creation Model. I also challenge all creationists to study and understand the entire Evolutionary/Naturalistic Model.

One of the biggest issues in regards to the Creation/Evolution debate is that both sides are very often ignorant of the other perspective. I think it is important to study BOTH and then consider which one makes more sense.  I think if students did that, they would be much more informed and scientifically literate.

Ultimately, I hope that Ken Ham and Bill Nye will continue dialoguing and corresponding. I think Bill Nye would be fascinated by the science incorporated in creation models. As this has been one of the most popular Creation/Evolution debates, I really appreciate Mary Jo Nutting’s reminder that “we really need to be praying for God to speak through Ken Ham (and all of us as well) to reach this generation with the truth. We also need to pray for God’s grace and compassion to shine through Ken and all of the other staff at AiG. Our desire is not for Bill Nye to look bad, but for the lies of evolution to be exposed and for Bill Nye and MANY others to come to the knowledge of the truth.” Ultimately, the crux of the matter is to share God’s Truth with others that they might be saved and that God would be glorified. I hope and pray that God might open Bill Nye’s eyes and heart so that he could be a tremendous tool in God’s hands for spreading His Truth!

You can watch the debate for free at for a limited time after the debate. There is a follow-up answers session featuring Ken Ham and Dr. Georgia Purdom on that website as well. Consider how you can use this debate to reach out to family, friends, or coworkers and to be able to share the gospel. Keep studying and Praise God for what He has done!


By Brian Mariani

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[i] Bill Nye: Creationism Is Not Appropriate For Children, Big Think Video, Published August 23, 2012 on Youtube,, accessed February 6, 2014.

[ii] Ken Ham, Ken Ham: Why I’m debating Bill Nye about Creationism, CNN, Belief Blog,, accessed February 5, 2014.

Comets – Creation Perspective


Creation Answer:

As written in the Bible, God created the Sun,  the Moon, and the stars on day 4 of the creation week, and we can assume this includes comets and all other objects in space. There are about 100 short-period comets and over 500 long-period comets discovered so far, which is still too many comets in our solar system, even if it is supposedly 4.6 billions of years old.

Day 4Comets have very elliptical or stretched orbits, unlike the circular orbits of planets. A comet’s orbit can be changed due to collisions with other objects or even just having a close encounter with a massive planet, like Jupiter. When a comet comes close to these planets, it can be sling-shot around (possibly toward or around the sun) due to the gravity of the planet and it also melts partially as it goes around the sun.

After a certain number of trips, the comets completely burn up and cease to exist. Creation Astronomer, Jason Lisle, estimates that “Comets can orbit the sun for only so long (perhaps about 100,000 years at most) before they completely run out of material.”[i]

Comets often orbit at long distances from the sun, but “if a comet’s orbit takes it too far from the Sun, then the comet could easily be captured by the gravitational attraction of other stars and thus would be lost to the Solar System.” This estimation of the maximum distance from the sun then tells us that comets must orbit around the sun within 11 million years. That means that in the supposed 4.6 billion year history of our solar system, they would have done nearly 400 trips around the sun, more than enough trips to have melted away completely.

Comets can be burned up, thrown out, or even consumed immediately by crashing into the sun or another planet. Evidence of these collisions are the craters that can be seen on some of our moons and planets. Objects (comets) in outer space will not last indefinitely.

Even one of the most famous comets, Halley’s Comet, was bigger and brighter in the past. It is estimated to be only a few thousand years old and may only withstand trips for the next 40,000 years.[ii]

If the Kuiper Belt does exist, as some evidence may suggest, it would provide some answers for short-period comets, but it still can’t explain everything. Creation Astronomer Spike Psarris says that, “Unfortunately for evolution, recent discoveries have shown the Kuiper Belt model doesn’t work any better than the Oort Cloud did.” He also explains how comets had “silicates that the evolutionary model says CAN’T have been out there where comets were supposedly born.”[iii] Naturalistic explanations for the origin of today’s comets are still riddled with problems and questions.

In fact, the Oort cloud cannot be observed and may never be observed. A popular secular astronomer, Carl Sagan and his wife Ann Druyan, wrote that, “Many scientific papers are written each year about the Oort Cloud, its properties, its origin, its evolution. Yet there is not yet a shred of direct observational evidence for its existence.”[iv] So we must ask the question: Is it scientific? It has to exist to make sense of the long age of the solar system and the existence of long-period comets. Studies have shown that over the supposed 4.6 billion years, many forces should have dissipated the Oort Cloud and so again, it shouldn’t be there.

Referencing our solar system, cosmologist Hal Levison says that “the standard model can’t produce anywhere near the number of comets we see.”[v] Therefore, naturalists are forced to assume that maybe comets came from other solar systems and have been captured by our sun and now orbit around our solar system. This model is challenged by the fact that the chances are extremely slim to actually capture these objects into orbit around our sun. It is more likely that the sun would either sling comets out and away or actually pull them into itself. To cause an object to come into a stable, precise orbit, necessitates a complex amount of forces being applied on the object.[vi]

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/UMD

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/UMD

Comet Hartley 2 is particularly intriguing in that it is still spewing out carbon dioxide from one of its sides as it spins through its orbit of the sun. It is a mystery how it formed, why it is spinning the way it is, and why it still has carbon dioxide. It appears to be quite young and further challenges the long-age naturalistic explanations.[vii]

There have been objects found orbiting beyond the orbit of Neptune, which would be in the region of the Kuiper Belt, but those objects are much larger than what a comet’s size should be. Also,  if the Kuiper Belt model is correct, there should be “around a billion icy cores” out there that have yet to be observed.[viii] This is similar to the idea of transitional fossils of geology/biology; there are still not enough found to justify their models.


What the Bible Says: Gen 1:14-19 


by Brian Mariani and others


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