Great Job, Sam


Minnesota ReporterIn one of my last blogs (Presentations at the University) about the university programs in Illinois and Minnesota, I mentioned that I had an interview with a student reporter from the campus newspaper (Minnesota State University at Mankato). I said in that earlier blog, “. . . but you never know about the objectivity of the reporter as well as his editor.  Sometimes there is accurate reporting while at other times —  well, sometimes, I can’t even recognize what they quoted me as saying. Time will tell for this article.”

The article came out the morning before our 3 nights of lectures were to begin and we were pleasantly surprised. It appeared as the lead front page article and also included a large picture of Mary Jo and I. Not only was the placement the best we could ever expect, but we were also very happy that this reporter did a good job with the article. It was objective without a bias showing through like we frequently see. So, I will have to say, “Thank you, Sam and editors, good job!”

For those who wish to read the article, check out  for the online version.


Dave Nutting

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