Water on Mars!


Lately there have been a number of articles on the web, tv, and in newspapers, stating: Flowing Water on Mars? Strange Red Planet Features Stir Debate; Mars Water Mystery: NASA Rover’s Ancient Streambed Discovery Is the Latest ClueThe 2,000-pound Mars rover, Curiosity, has been sending back information and images of what looks like sedimentary rock layers that were laid down by water. Also, what looks like evidence for an ancient, flowing stream on Mars, as well as evidence of lakes and oceans.

They are excited about this information, and rightfully so, but it should not be unexpected or surprising.  As we study Genesis chapter one, God makes everything directly or indirectly out of water.  So with this knowledge, we should see evidence that at one time there was probably an abundance of water on Mars.  Today, water on Mars is usually only in the solid or gaseous state, and not in the liquid state, because of the planet’s low atmospheric pressure being about 1/100th of Earth’s.  With this low pressure, liquid water will not last long on the planet’s surface. So there is evidence that at one time there was liquid water on the surface of Mars. But why all the hype? We will touch on this with my next blog.


Richard Stepanek

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