One man’s junk is another man’s treasure!


Junk DNA, vestigial DNA, and leftover DNA from our animal ancestors are evidence for evolution… right?  On the contrary!  God doesn’t make junk!  Everything has a function, even though it has been corrupted by Adam’s fall.

Continued research on Junk DNA reveals the complexity of our bodies.  Our bodies are composed of about 100,000 different proteins, but there are only about 20,000 protein-coding gene regions.  How can this be? This is where the Junk DNA comes in.  Both exons (protein coding DNA) and introns (non-coding DNA) work together to make the extra transcripts needed to code all the body’s additional proteins, by splicing and sometimes reassembling RNA.

A quote from the article: “Wang further observes that splicing ‘is a tightly regulated process, and a great number of human diseases are caused by the ‘misregulation’ of splicing in which the gene was not cut and pasted correctly.’ This implies that important protein products are produced by splicing, meaning that the splicing code plays an important functional role in cells.”

No random chance and accident in your genetics!  Everything is designed and planned, but it has been corrupted and this corruption sometimes causes disease and death.  Sounds like I have heard this before.  We had a perfect creation and then came corruption.


Rich Stepanek

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