Water, Water Everywhere!


Water, water everywhere!  New discovery – 100 times more water on the moon than originally thought.  Ice discovered on Mercury.  Comets are made up of water and dirt, and they have layers like an onion… could these layers be sedimentary layers?  Scientists find evidence of a huge deluge on Mars.  Water shooting out of a star! Wow!

And where did all the water on the earth come from when the earth started out as a molten blob of rock?  Some say from comets, but I think the evidence tells us otherwise.

I find all this information interesting in the light of Genesis.  What does Genesis have to do with water?   As I study Genesis chapter one, it seems God made everything out of water.  The earth in Genesis 1:1, 2 was without form and so I do not think God is talking about the earth we inhabit today, because the earth we live on currently has form.  Also in Genesis 1:2, God mentions water and then out of this water He makes the earth we inhabit… along with the stars, planets, moons, etc.  So it is no surprise that scientists find water, water, everywhere!


Rich Stepanek

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