Scientists are again inspired by nature for new artificial lens


In an attempt to construct a better lens, scientists have turned to the complex systems in nature.  By studying the human eye and the way it is designed, they believe they have designed a lens better than the intraocular lenses manufactured today.  The goal is to produce a more natural and superior lens to be used in damaged or diseased human eye lenses, consumer vision products, and surveillance equipment.

With all the studying, technology, and intelligence of man, nature still produces a superior eye compared to what man can create today.  But the superior human eye is not really designed, according to some evolutionists, it is only an illusion!  What I find amazing is something that they say has no intelligence can develop a super complex system better then what man can make with all of his intelligence, research, resources, and computers to boot.  This doesn’t say much for mankind.

Is there a more logical explanation?  A Designer superior to mankind with greater intelligence, power, technology, etc., and we are just pirating His technology.  I believe this superior Designer should receive royalties or at least get the glory!

Source Material: Artificial Lens Mimics Natural Human Eye

Richard Stepanek

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