Charles Darwin Gets 4000 Write in Votes


During the recent election in Georgia, Charles Darwin received about 4000 write in votes against Republican Paul Broun who is a physician and member of the House of Representative’s Science, Space, and Technology Committee. Since Broun was running unopposed, the Darwinists mounted the campaign to get him out. Why? It’s because Broun is not only a creationist, but he had the audacity to call evolution and the Big Bang Theory lies originating from the pit of hell.

This is certainly in keeping with what we see across the nation. A teacher or professor who even questions evolution loses their teaching position. School Board members who say there are issues with evolution are voted down. The hush on Darwin dissenters goes further into the political arena.  Actually the Darwinists even used this against presidential and VP candidates as well.

From what I understand, Broun ran unopposed because of having done a lot of good things for his state and district. That speaks loudly no matter which party a qualified candidate adheres to. However, the message seems clear from the atheists and evolutionists: Conform to status quo, majority rule in science philosophy, or you are out! This certainly flies in the face of real scientists who are not motivated by atheistic or naturalistic worldviews/religions and assumptions. Note that I used the word philosophy. That is because evolution is actually a philosophy that is posing as though it were science.

It’s a good thing that Broun’s 200,000 + votes defeated Charles Darwin. I would certainly hate to see a dead man and his ideas win out over a living and thinking man who is not afraid to express his convictions.


Dave Nutting

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