University Student: Change in Gene Frequency = Evolution

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Mary Jo & I recently had 2 weeks of speaking at 3 universities in Minnesota. We had about 1.5 hours of presentations each night, then at least as long, or longer, times of questions and answers. We had a lot of good interest and quite a few students expressed their gratitude that we came to speak. Several said the programs were a big help and a breath of fresh air. Of course, as usual, we had our “fan club” of die-hard atheists who came to protect their turf! That...

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80 Years of “Scientific Fact” Wrong! Radioactive Decay Rates Not Constant?

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Whoa! For those who thought that radioactive decay rates were constant and ensured “absolute” dating techniques, research by Ephraim Fischbach and Jere Jenkins of Purdue University may vibrate some nerve endings. It appears that solar neutrinos or perhaps an unknown particle actually changes the decay rate. Over the last 6 years, seasonal fluctuations of the decay rate have been observed which correspond to the Earth’s proximity to the sun. The decay rate also appears to be...

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Computer Woes

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  Have you ever taken your car to a mechanic to have it repaired, only to have it quit “ailing” as soon as you get it to the shop? The mechanic then has the problem of trying to fix something that isn’t showing symptoms, and has to base his diagnosis on hearsay. I had something similar happen to me just recently with my work computer. It was freezing up and jumping from window to window. I tried several fixes on my own, but to no avail, and so I took it to a computer...

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Lions, Gazelles and Evolution

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  At one of the universities that we spoke at recently, a paper was circulated in support of evolution. One of the explanations of evolution was natural selection, or more commonly called, the survival of the fittest. The idea presented was that a lion which managed to catch and eat a gazelle just slightly increased the general speed of the population of gazelles by weeding out a slower one. On the other side, slower lions can’t catch the faster gazelles and...

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Protecting the Plants

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“In the beginning, God created a beautiful, perfect world. It was full of life, without sickness, pain, suffering or death,” Mr. Jones told his son Billy and daughter Mary during evening family devotions. “However, Adam’s sin changed all that. When he disobeyed God (sin) and ate the fruit that God had told him not to eat, sin and death came into the world (Romans 5:12).” “Is that why bad things happen, Dad?” asked Mary. “Yes,...

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Designated Infested Water

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  While I was taking a walk at a lake on this speaking trip in Minnesota, I ran across a sign that caught my attention. It said, “THIS IS A DESIGNATED INFESTED WATER.” Now what did that mean? Does this mean it is OK to infest this lake with anything one would choose? Is it safe to live near the lake? What crawls out in the middle of the night? I certainly wondered what would bite or attack me if I dared to swim in this lake. As I looked into it, this lake received this...

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Not Always So Big

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  I have found that there are a lot of misconceptions about dinosaurs. I normally always start off each dinosaur talk showing 2 dinosaurs models (see pictures) – a Stegosaurus and a Tyrannosaurus Rex. After identifying the dinosaurs, and holding up the Stegosaurus, I will ask, “How many of you believe that at one time there was a Stegosaurus this exact size walking upon the earth? If you believe that, raise your hand.” Usually only a very few hands will be raised. Then...

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Flying Out

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Once again, Mary Jo & I boarded the airplane headed to Minnesota to speak at 3 universities. (See the events on our home page to find specifics.) Getting ready is always an issue. If we were driving, we’d just throw things in the car and head down the road. Of course, the car would have the appearance of an overstuffed storage unit on wheels since “one more thing” doesn’t make much difference. However, even packing for an auto trip isn’t as easy as it sounds but flying...

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