Dinosaurs, Monuments, and The Gospel


On Monday, August 27th, I had the great opportunity to host both a Colorado National Monument tour and a Dinosaur Journey Museum tour for Mountain Valley Christian Academy.  The day started at 9:00 am at the monument with a presentation explaining the landscape by the evolutionary model and then by the creation/flood model.  We talked about the effects of the flood on geology.  The creation/flood model fits so much better with the observed data.

After finishing at the monument we drove into Fruita, CO, for a one and a half hour dinosaur program.  The program consisted of information about ancient civilizations living with the dinosaurs, as well as the many discoveries of soft tissue found in dinosaur bones.  We also explained how dinosaurs could grow to such gigantic sizes when they hatched from such small eggs.  We ended the presentation with what happened to all the dinosaurs.   To explain all this and much more, we then turned to both science and the Bible. Teaching about dinosaurs is an excellent way to proclaim the gospel!

After lunch, we finished the day with a museum tour.  The museum is a wonderful place to reveal God’s incredible design in dinosaurs, the consequences of Adam’s sin on the world, and much, much more.  We all had a great day of discovering God’s incredible creation, and learning more about God and His unfathomable love for us!


Rich Stepanek

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