Another Great Experience at Redcloud Mountain Adventures

What a great time we had at Redcloud Mountain Adventure!  Family camp is always a rewarding time to minister to the entire family.  Our desire is to grow families in their relationships to each other and with the Lord. Primarily we want to train fathers to be the spiritual leaders in their families. The first week had many teens with unique issues to be addressed.  We trust that God will do great things in their lives in the coming days and years.  The second week we had families with many little children.  One mother commented that it was the most relaxing vacation they could have had.  We are so thankful that it was a refreshing week for them.

There was also a great interest in the teaching.  It was a blessing to see the eagerness that many had… even after a long day.  In addition to the scheduled teaching, the speakers spent extra hours in the afternoon and evening answering questions and providing more for those who were seeking to know more.   One teen commented that this was a life-changing week for him. What a difference the Word of God can make in a person’s life!


Rich Stepanek

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