Danger! Cliff Ahead! – Confirmed!

Mary Jo and I are at AOI’s Creation Family Camp at Redcloud Ranch for this week and next.  We spoke to a long-time friend after the church service we attended that first Sunday we arrived in Lake City. God has a way of reinforcing the message we have been sharing. Justin recounted an incident he had experienced about being on a horse on a dark night. The horse would not proceed forward and no amount of coaxing could get the horse to “cooperate.” When Justin got off of the horse he found out the reason. He and the horse were at the edge of a cliff.

Since he was on our mailing list, I told Justin that he needed to read our next issue of Think and Believe in which I wrote an article entitled Danger, Cliff Ahead describing an almost identical incident regarding the brother of AOI’s Board president.  In fact we had mailed that issue a few days before we left Grand Junction. Our arrival in Lake City had beaten the mail system’s delivery. I guess cars are faster than “pony express”!

If you haven’t yet read the last issue, click above on the link where it is posted. There is a cliff ahead for students and they need to be warned. What is the cliff? It is the barrage of evolutionary and other anti-Biblical arguments waiting to be leveled at their faith in Christ when they arrive on the campus. Most students and their parents are caught totally unaware of the real danger that lies ahead at the university. Please read the article.


Dave Nutting

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2 Comments on "Danger! Cliff Ahead! – Confirmed!"

  1. Anthony Magnabosco says:

    The only barrier in the path of your students is their faith, which stands in the way of reason and critical thinking.

    • It is interesting that reason and critical thinking within the Christian worldview is what brought about the basis for current scientific method. I hope that you do not believe that the lack of reason and critical thinking is what brought Newton, Faraday, Kepler, Bacon, Pascal, Boyle, Pasteur, and Kelvin…to name a few, to their conclusions and discoveries. But with a worldview guided by nothing and relying only on chance and accident, this may be an acceptable conclusion for you. Anyone can say anything, but just claiming something, as you have done above, does not prove anything. Usually in critical thinking and analyzing a worldview, we like to have support for the claim. This is usually in the form of a valid argument – which you have failed to provide. Thanks for taking the time to read our blog every day.

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