Is the Jellyfish Your Cousin?

Just recently, I received a couple of articles extoling the intelligence of animals. Of course, the evolutionary conclusions reached from the research is that humans aren’t so special after all.

Sure enough, some chimpanzees exhibit some reasonable intelligence as do some dolphins. Because of certain types of intelligence, the reasonig is that we must have diverged from common ancestors.

Just recently, it has been discovered that a supposed very “primitive” creature (by evolutionary standards) turns out to have a nervous system which only mammals and humans have been known to possess.  As Creation moments points out:

“Jellyfish are considered by evolutionists to be incredibly simple creatures. But as you’ll discover when you watch our “The Brainy Jellyfish” video, one type of jellyfish has a nervous system with advanced features found only in mammals and humans! Jellyfish are another clear example that evolutionists aren’t as smart as they think they are when it comes to God’s amazing creation!”

Even if chimps and dolphins are “smart,” so what?  I have known for a long time that dogs are smart. They have a way of begging food off your plate better than most people standing with a sign on the street corner. So what did we evolve from? A chimp, a dog, a dolphin, or was it a jellyfish? I might be old-fashioned, but I certainly hold to the fact in Scripture that I was created in the image of God!


Dave Nutting

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